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12 Weeks Off Work Without Pay: How I’m Preparing for Maternity Leave

written by: Catherine Hiles, taken from   Only 12% of American workers are elibigle to take 12 weeks of paid leave through their employer. Unfortunately, I am not one of them. In 2015 – after the birth of my daughter, Rose – I was able to take seven full weeks off. I negotiated with my employer to work part time …

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Zicam Probably Didn’t Cure Your Cold, and Now You Could Get $57

written by: Stephanie Bolling, taken from Nothing is worse than being plagued by a cold, slugging your way to the store to buy overpriced cold medicine, and still feeling like crap after many doses. If this sounds familiar and you’ve purchased Zicam, you might be eligible for up to $57 as part of a proposed class-action settlement. How to Get …

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Who Needs Sleep Anyways? …. I Do!

by: Justin Barsanti, editor-in-chief If you are anything like my wife and I then you know that sleep comes at a premium. We have very hectic lives coupled with three small children – sleep is the after thought –  not the priority that it should be. Sleep is the most important piece of good health that so many of …

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