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Kids and Credit Cards: 7 Things Parents Need to Know

by Education.com For 21st century teens, credit cards have become a rite of passage – like cell phones and drivers’ licenses. Teens are quickly becoming one of the largest target markets for credit card companies, with more and more youth culture campaigns popping up each year. That’s because credit card companies know that teenagers are consumers, forming one of the largest …

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Bullying and internet safety are top health concerns for parents

Each year, the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health asks a national sample of adults to identify health topics that are a “big problem” for children and teens. The Top 10 health concerns for children for this year were: Bullying/cyberbullying (61%) Not enough exercise (60%) Unhealthy eating (57%) Drug abuse (56%) Internet safety (55%) Child abuse and …

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5 Simple, Fun Ideas for Family Fitness

You know why exercise is important for your family: It can lower heart risks, control weight, and help kids do better in school. And it lets kids burn off some energy. Plus, family activities and fitness at an early age can go a long way toward helping children form healthy habits for life.But don’t expect your kids to understand — or even care — about those things. …

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10 Steps to Maintain Romance in Your Relationship

by: Bea Moise, MS How do you keep a relationship thriving after many years of being together? Having a healthy relationship involves a lot of maintenance, and the romance department is not excluded. It can be easy to take your partner for granted, but it can also be easy to show them that you are still in-love and care about them. But …

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10 Ways To Help Your Child Become Interested in Reading

  You can encourage reading for a child in your life – here are just a few ways: 1. Pay attention to what your child is interested in, and encourage him or her to read books on those subjects. 2. Set aside time to read with your child every day. Spend time reading together just before bed and take turns …

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