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5 Steps To Get Rid of Rotting Death Smell Out of Your Gym/Work Clothes

written by Justin Barsanti, editor-in-chief SproutVine.com

So, I got into an odd conversation with my friend Shawna the other day about how sometimes your workout gear or work uniform will sometimes still smell even after you have washed it. Sometimes I will get 5 minutes into my workout with clean, straight out of the laundry, workout attire only to be able to smell myself. I could never figure out why and would end up throwing away clothes and purchasing new ones because I couldn’t even stand it.

That was until Shawna told me about Rockin’ Green wash on Amazon. She said that her scrubs get the same way sometimes from working and I should try it out. She said Rockin’ Green kills the embedded bacteria that stays in your clothing even through a wash cycle.

So…I did…


I looked over the product on Amazon and read the reviews which as of this writing are at 4.3/5 stars on 460 reviews. I ordered my Active Wear from Amazon for $21.95. It came in 2 days free shipping

I was really impressed with their “Why Rockin’ Green?” section where is boasted that the product was plant based, no chemicals, and not tested on animals.


Super Concentrated

You only need 1 tablespoon of detergent per load. That’s 1/8 of what you’d use with other brands.

This is because we believe that your detergent should be all cleaning power and no fillers.

100% All-Natural

Every single ingredient is all-naturalplant-based, and biodegradable.

Rockin’ Green is safest choice for you and the environment, without sacrificing cleaning power.

Not Tested On Animals

As part of our commitment to the environment, we will never test any of our products on animals. 

We love our furry friends just as much as you do! We’re also pretty good at getting out the odors they leave (looking at you owners that let them sleep in the bed). 

Chemical Free

Designed with only natural, plant derived ingredients, Rockin’ Green is safe for even the most sensitive skin.

Rockin’ Green is SLS, SLES, paraben, and sulfate free.

I was a little nervous at first because I didn’t want to ruin any clothes (although looking back – not the smartest thought as they were already ruined with smell which is why I bought the stuff in the first place!)

Anyways… I just wanted to try a few clothes to see how it went.

  1. So I filled the sink up halfway with water

2. I put one scoop of the formula into the water…

3. Put three CLEAN articles of workout clothing into the water and let is sit for 45 mins.

4. Rang the clothes out in sink and pulled out.

I kid you not I was completely blown away when I pulled the clothes out of the water. The water was almost black.

These were CLEAN, just washed that same day, clothes. YUCK!!

5. Let clothes dry out

The clothes came out brand new. I mean absolutely brand new. I worked out in them and the smell didn’t come after 5 mins of sweating at all. I am completely blown away at how well this worked!!!

I HIGHLY recommend this stuff to anyone who has a work uniform or gym clothes they have worn for a while or any type of clothing at all that has bed embedded with dirt/sweat.

Buy it here!! 

What did you think?

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