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Who Needs Sleep Anyways? …. I Do!

by: Justin Barsanti, editor-in-chief SproutVine.com

If you are anything like my wife and I then you know that sleep comes at a premium. We have very hectic lives coupled with three small children – sleep is the after thought –  not the priority that it should be. Sleep is the most important piece of good health that so many of us neglect. Check out this article published by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute about why sleep is so important to us. Getting back to our story. We tried multiple different avenues to get better sleep – changed up our sleep routine, changed our mattress to one of those adjustable remote control deals (my wife liked it ok, I hated it), we changed the temperature in our bedroom, we even bought one of those Himalayan salt lamps to help sooth us. None of it worked. To make matters worse and compound things I suffer from sleep apnea and have to wear a CPAP machine at night (which I absolutely hate) and it definitely interferes with getting a great nights sleep for me. We were sleep deprived to say the least.

All of this changed for us with the Nectar mattress – A Better Mattress for a Better Price

I know that this sounds very infomercial-esque, but its true. Every night is not perfect…especially with kids running in during all hours of the night, but the difference is incredible. It is incredibly soft, it helps contour to your body to eliminate back pain, and stays cool all night (important to me!). The best part(s)… you get a YEAR trial to send it back or its free (365 Night Sleep Trial ). Not only that but it comes with a “Forever Warranty” and free shipping and returns.

Most importantly it is affordable. Shop a better mattress for the best price. There are so many options to finance and get this mattress and the accessories at affordable rates!!

There is so much to learn about these mattresses and I implore you to do your own research on them – Tell me more about NECTAR mattress

Still trying to decide and make a decision? Check out what others are saying! – The NECTAR Bed Reviews

I hope that if this is the right fit for you and your family than you make that choice to choose a good nights sleep and your health over anything else. This might not be the answer for some, and thats OK, but for others I hope that Nectar can help you as it helped us!



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