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7 Days of Cupcake

written by Justin Barsanti, editor-in-chief  http://www.SproutVine.com (if you have a pet and need any products – all the pictures are clickable to link over) So after hearing about wanting a dog all summer from the kids we decided to surprise them last weekend. We currently have no pets in our home and we knew it was going to be a …

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This Incredible Group Takes Care of Disabled Dogs (Video)

A Unilad Original Documentary Film What did you think?

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The 10 Best Dogs for Kids and Families

The Most Popular Family-Friendly Dogs While Lassie and Lady and the Tramp are fun to watch, they’re probably not the best way to choose the family dog. You can choose good family dogs based on three major factors: Temperament – This is the dog’s personality. You should be looking for an agreeable temperament. For instance, a calmer dog has the ability to form strong …

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