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12 Weeks Off Work Without Pay: How I’m Preparing for Maternity Leave

written by: Catherine Hiles, taken from http://www.thepennyhoarder.com   Only 12% of American workers are elibigle to take 12 weeks of paid leave through their employer. Unfortunately, I am not one of them. In 2015 – after the birth of my daughter, Rose – I was able to take seven full weeks off. I negotiated with my employer to work part time …

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33 Things Everyone Should Please Stop Saying To Pregnant People

Terri Pous BuzzFeed Staff 1. “Are you sure it’s not a food baby?” “I was so small while pregnant that people would ask me, ‘Are you sure it’s not a food baby?'” ABC / Via giphy.com 2. “Are you going to have more than one?” “Let me get through pushing out this human first. And also, none of your business.” 3. “Are you sure …

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My maternity checklist: Essentials for hospital and after

If your new baby’s nearly here, it’s time to get your hospital bag ready. Here’s a new baby checklist so you can take all the essentials to hospital with you – and make sure you’ve got the baby basics in place for when you get back home. Baby essentials 3-6 sleep suits, depending on how long you think you’ll stay …

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Fish-eating habits of pregnant women not linked to autistic traits in their children

A major study examining the fish-eating habits of pregnant women has found that they are not linked to autism or autistic traits in their children. Scientists at the University of Bristol looked at the assumption that mercury exposure during pregnancy is a major cause of autism using evidence from nearly 4500 women who took part in the Children of the …

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