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50 Backpack Donation!

by Justin Barsanti, editor-in-chief SproutVine.com

As owners of The Sprout Academy centers and SproutVine.com my wife Rachel and I decided to give back a little more this year for back-to-school. As you can see the above video I made an attempt to blog the journey a little bit.

After filling up with a quick trip to Target…



and waiting in the mail for 50 Nike backpacks to arrive from Amazon…



I had all the kids help me stuff the backpacks…


then all of the backpacks were loaded up and shipped off to The Sprout Academy – Seminole

I really hope that these backpacks get to those who truly need them and that the kids were able to learn a valuable lesson at the same time.

We are so grateful for everyone in our community and thankful we are blessed enough to have the opportunity to do this for others.

What did you think?

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