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These 2 People Are Tackling a Collective $48K in Debt With One Trick

originally written by and posted on   It’s an easy problem to develop. Credit card debt, that is. You get your first card in college and it probably has a small limit, just $300 or so. You quickly max it out because, why not? Then the credit card company raises your limit. You, in turn, max it out again. …

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50 Backpack Donation!

by Justin Barsanti, editor-in-chief As owners of The Sprout Academy centers and my wife Rachel and I decided to give back a little more this year for back-to-school. As you can see the above video I made an attempt to blog the journey a little bit. After filling up with a quick trip to Target…     and …

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Here’s What Food Is Served In 17 Movie Theaters Around The World

authored by Michelle No, taken from We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what they snack on at their local movie theater. Here are their best responses, as well as some of our own favorite finds: 1. Indonesia: Fish and chips @GuruMassak / Via Twitter: @GuruMassak “In Indonesia, you can get fish and chips as well as spaghetti in some of …

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