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How Technology Has Made Parenting Harder

By: By Tia Ghose, Staff Writer Cellphones, tablets, video games and computers — the average youngster has logged thousands of hours on digital technologies by the time they leave home. And all these technologies have changed the way parents do their jobs. Though digital technology allows parents to entertain or keep tabs on their youngsters, for the most part, all of these …

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Date Nights Are Essential to Your Marriage and Mental Well-Being

By Bea Moise, M.S.  – July 3, 2017 Date nights are essential to your marriage and mental well-being. With the day-to-day responsibilities of adulting, it is easy to neglect both marriage and spouse. Break from Parenting As a parenting coach, I should be the last person telling you that you need a break from parenting, but you do! To be …

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