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10 Keys to Educator’s Survival

By Leah Davies, M.Ed.

School professionals are often blamed for the ills of society. Yet, there are countless administrators, teachers and counselors who challenge and inspire students to do their best and strive for excellence. The following are ideas educators may want to consider as they continue their work.

1.Understand that you are only human. You will make mistakes.

2. Since you have a distinct personality, do what works best for you and your students.

3. Observe children’s work and behavior, notice and acknowledge improvements.

4. Plan ahead, but be flexible and accept changes. Know that you cannot accomplish all of your goals.

5. Understand that children may not show appreciation for your efforts.

6. Share your time, ideas and materials with peers.

7. Since genuine compliments encourage you as well as others, give them freely.

8. Discuss concerns with a peer or mentor. Ask for help when you are overwhelmed.

9. When you become discouraged, reflect and write down why you chose education as a career and the successes you have had.

10. Find enjoyable outlets unrelated to working with students.

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