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How to Earn a Free $10 on Your Next Trip to the Grocery Store

Written by Carson Kohler with The Penny Hoarder and taken from http://www.thepennyhoarder.com


Want to bank an extra $10 today? Ibotta has got you covered.

When you sign up and redeem your first cash-back offer, it’ll slide $10 into your account. Once you hit $20, you can cash out.

There are two simple ways to use Ibotta and snag your free $10.

1. Leave the House and Buy a Candy Bar (or TP)

Download the free Ibotta app. Make sure your preferred grocery store is on the list, then head out.

You don’t need to buy much. Maybe you just want to stock up on toilet paper. Or treat yourself with a candy bar. That’s fine! Check the app to make sure it’s an available cash-back offer on Ibotta, then checkout.

Once you leave the store, snap a photo of your receipt.

You’ll receive the $10 welcome bonus in your Ibotta account within 72 hours.

2. Stay Home and Restock Online

If you don’t want to leave the house — but still need toilet paper — you can still earn the welcome bonus.

Download the free Ibotta app, and search for offers on Amazon. Right now, for example, you can earn 3% cash back on Amazon grocery purchases through the app.

Once the offer processes, you’ll earn 3% back and that $10 bonus.

Carson Kohler has used Ibotta for a little over a year and has earned $140 in cash back on travel, groceries and online purchases. Most recently, she snagged $15 when she signed up for Hulu.

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