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College Anxiety? We Got You…

by Justin Barsanti, Editor-in-chief of SproutVine.com


Oh I remember those days… worrying about which college I would go to, how I was going to properly prep for the SAT, ACT, and GMAT. It is such a stressful time for so many students and parents. It was also such an exciting time in life to know I was going to be out on my own and starting to make my own path in this world. I knew I always wanted to be a Florida Gator and I was fortunate enough to make that dream a reality, however, at the time I was looking into which school to attend the technology wasn’t nearly what it is today and the information on colleges and how to prep for them was scarce. Thankfully things have changed! With three children of my own and friends with kids we all started researching where to get the best information from one source which is when we stumbled across The Princeton Review. Not only did the site give a full breakdown of all the college rankings (The Princeton Review College Rankings) but also gave detailed information on each campus and now also have students write reviews about their own campuses! The reviews directly from the students themselves was invaluable to me because I was getting first-hand information from the students themselves as opposed to hearing a school sales pitch.

Not only does The Princeton Review rank and give info on colleges, but they had hundreds of resources to help students prep for the entrance exams they need and more! They offer things such as:

GMAT Self-Paced Test Prep
GRE Self-Paced Test Prep
24/7 Private Tutoring
SAT Ultimate Classroom Course
Free ACT Practice Test
Free LSAT Practice Test

… and so much more!!

I cant stress enough how great these programs are to guide and aid you on your way to the next level as a student or for that parent that is overwhelmed helping their child with some decisions. This puts all the information in one place on top of giving you resources to get prepared for the necessary exams.

Best of luck in your college endeavors!


oh….and GO GATORS!!

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