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3 Reasons to Get A RocketBook Notebook – Today!

written by Justin Barsanti, editor-in-chief As I was browsing around the internet shopping for a new notebook to take my notes on I randomly came across this little gem – RocketBook Notebook. After reading the description that it was a notebook capable of taking notes with a regular pen, uploading to any cloud service you wish, and then erasing …

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Experience Over Stuff: Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and Pirate’s League

By Jody Everson, Small World Big Fun Disney Authorized Travel Agent, travel contributor If you are a parent like me, you feel overrun at home with toys, game pieces, stuffed animals, and so many little tiny objects that hurt so badly when stepped on! When I thought about our Disney World vacation, I had one concern: all the souvenirs that the kids would HAVE …

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5 Steps To Get Rid of Rotting Death Smell Out of Your Gym/Work Clothes

written by Justin Barsanti, editor-in-chief So, I got into an odd conversation with my friend Shawna the other day about how sometimes your workout gear or work uniform will sometimes still smell even after you have washed it. Sometimes I will get 5 minutes into my workout with clean, straight out of the laundry, workout attire only to be …

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