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10 Keys to a Perfect Dad Bod

by: Bradley Popkin with Mens Journal

Are 6-pack abs and ripped biceps falling of out fashion? Maybe not. But, the most buzzed about body type of late is far from the idealized shredded physique most of us are after. In fact, the “dad bod” is quite a bit softer. Don’t get us wrong. Guys with this body type aren’t totally out of shape—but you can tell that they enjoy a beer (or 6) and some pizza on the regular.

The internet’s new obsession with the less-than-fit body type of various celebrities and athletes has ordinary guys (and ladies) embracing their own dad bods. So, we rounded up 10 ways to help you get your dad bod primed for beach season.

10. If your couch doesn’t have a giant imprint of you in it, you’re probably doing it wrong.

Catching up on the latest season of House of Cards and Game of Thrones are all good excuses for you to not leave your bed or couch, thus eliminating the need for any kind of exercise. Bonus points if you finish a series in less than two days.

9. When at the gym, ALWAYS choose the elliptical machine over the treadmill.

It will do most of the work for you, while giving off the impression that you’re actually running. Nice try, Dad. Bonus points if you bring a towel.

8. Fried NOT grilled

What, are you kidding? This should be a no brainer. Bonus points if you douse your fries, burgers, pastas and wings with much more sauce, ketchup, and salt than is needed.

7. You must have a snack drawer in your bed stand

Because sometimes you just get hungry in the middle of the night. We know how hard it is to resist those late night temptations and trips to the refrigerator. Don’t give in. Bonus points if you steal your girlfriend’s Nutella.

6. Popsicles.. lots of popsicles

If your freezer isn’t stockpiled with goodies like popsicles, ice cream sandwiches and other assorted desserts; make sure you acquire a large collection soon. That or invest in an abundance of popcorn. Popcorn also does the trick.

5. Khakis and Hawaiian print shirts

Okay, the second half isn’t exactly a requirement, but Hawaiian print shirts go a long way in enhancing the dad bod physique. Anything bright, something like a performance golf shirt, will do. Khakis complete the outfit.

4. Jogging

If you can’t jog for more than a few blocks without needing a rest period, then you’re doing the dad bod right. Bonus points if you wear all Champion sweats. Even more if you rock a headband.

3. Start the day with fast food breakfast

If you can recite the entire breakfast lineup at McDonald’s, but can’t remember that you were supposed to help your son with his science project today, then you’ve achieved a heightened level of dad bod.

2. Eat enormous amounts of candy

If it’s you, rather than your kids, who can’t pry your hands away from the cookie dough bites, then you’re well on your way to dad bod immortality.

1. Beer

Light, domestic, bottled or on tap; a good brew is the backbone of any good dad bod diet. A bonus point for every beer you can shotgun.

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