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Surviving the Summer

The final bell rings and excited children everywhere flee the school in happiness…this marks the start of the Summer Vacation. As children dream of this day quickly approaching, parents and caregivers look for help to keep the kids busy and to avoid hearing those dreaded words… “I’m Bored!” Hopefully I can bring some ideas and insights to make this the …

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What Are The 10 Main Intuitive Eating Principles?

By Juliet Kuehnle, MS, NCC, LPC What Are The 10 Main Intuitive Eating Principles? The 10 main intuitive eating principles are: 1. Reject the diet mentality. This idea that there’s got to be some diet that will work for you – often with lots of unreasonable rule. 2. Honor your health. 3. Honor your hunger. Keeping your body biologically fed with an adequate intake. …

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