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Diet & Nutrition

Top 3 Best Air Fryers of 2018

 written by: Angela Parkinson, taken from http://www.toptenreviews.com. All research was conducted and credited to http://www.toptenreviews.com We’ve spent 40 hours researching air fryers, including 20 hours in our laboratory’s kitchen cooking up multiple batches of chicken wings and fries. Air fryers won’t replace the taste of deep-fat-fried food – that became evident in our tests. But air fryers still make good-tasting …

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The Blend: A Cooking Technique That Makes Red Meat More Nutritious

By Lauren Murphy, taken from Huffington Post (huffpost.com) Adding one unfussy ingredient to your burgers can help your health and the planet. Nothing says summer like a burger fresh off the grill, char marks and all. But eating too much beef can have some pretty rough consequences on your health and the environment. If only there were a way to …

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11 Dishes Every Pineapple Obsessed Person Should Try

Article by: King’s Hawaiian Brands Pineapple is great on pizza. Pineapple is great on sandwiches. Pineapple is great by itself. Pineapple is life. Pineapple lovers, journey to new horizons and try one of these pineapple-themed recipes. 1. Pork and Hawaiian Fried Rice So you’re obsessed with pineapple? Take your love to another level by dishing out delicious servings of pork and …

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What Are The 10 Main Intuitive Eating Principles?

By Juliet Kuehnle, MS, NCC, LPC What Are The 10 Main Intuitive Eating Principles? The 10 main intuitive eating principles are: 1. Reject the diet mentality. This idea that there’s got to be some diet that will work for you – often with lots of unreasonable rule. 2. Honor your health. 3. Honor your hunger. Keeping your body biologically fed with an adequate intake. …

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